Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Here is a painting that works hard: double portrait (sister and self); tells a story about telling stories in pictures and painting; raises questions about time and space as well as about painting choices and theories of representation. Sold too cheaply in Australia!

This came about first as part of a series of paintings started before the word "selfie" was popular. The characteristic digital camera stance struck me as so completely different from that required by the old SLR viewfinder. Here the arms of sister J don't so much frame her view as frame me who may or may not be "framed" in her photograph: it seems directed more toward the landscape as subject. The subjects of this painting keep multiplying as the foreground is taken up by a figure that is well-defined but also ambiguous. It is thought in art theory chatter that figures shown from the back invite the viewer mentally step into position of figure/place holder which is to imagine what it is to be there in the world in that time and place. What do you think?

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